Updated: How do you say this in America?

English is an international language but there are some words that have a different meaning in America. For example, if you go to a restaurant in India then you ask for a bill at the end but here in US use the word check.
Unity in Diversity
I collected a list of terms that are used differently . Are there any words that you found different, please add to the list..
  • INDIA                        |    *USA                                   |
  •  Advertisement          Commercial
  • Space                         Room
  • Maroon                       Burgundy
  • Flat                             Apartment
  • Apartments              Complex 
  • Bill    (In restaurant)         Check 
  • Headbath                  Hair wash
  • Coke \pepsi             Soda
  • Football                    Soccer
  • Holiday                    Vacation\ day off
  • Festival                    Holiday
  • Mela                         Festival
  • Colour                      Color
  • Current                    Power
  • Oh common            Shut up (is offensive in India)
  • Cockroaches          Roaches
  • Mosquito                 Moskeeto (pronunciation only)
  • Curd                        Yogurt
  • Sweet                      Dessert
List  Continued......................
Indian sweet: Son Papdi
  • INDIA           |            USA                   |
  •  Dosa                       Pan cakes
  • Roti\Chapathi          Tortillo
  • Fair complexion      Light skin color
  • Capsicum                Green Pepper
  • Compulsory             Mandatory 
  • Beetroot                   Beets
  • Photo                        Picture
  • Bathroom                 Restroom
  • Class   (School)           Grade
  • Shop                        Store
  • Blanket                    Comforter
  • Fullstop  (Punctuation)  Period
  • Maths                       Math
  • English (Subject in School)Reading
  • Confirm   (mostly used)   Make Sure
  • Letter  (Common)           Mail
  • Surname                   Last name
  • Given name              First name
  • Curtains                    Drapes
  • Hall                            Living Room
  • Bath                          Shower 
  • Grinder    (Common)     Blender
  • Gravy                        Sauce
  • Underground           Basement (In buildings)
  • Ground Floor           First Floor (In buildings)  
  • First floor                 Second floor ((In buildings)
  • Repair                      Fix
  • Cesarian                 C-section
  • Cycle                       Bike
  • Petrol   (Fuel)         Gas
  • Punished                Grounded
  • Fine     (Cop gives)      Ticket
  • Vomitings              Throwing up
  • Strike                     Protest   
  • Chain with Small Pendant    Necklace  
  • Sweater (common)    Jacket, hoodie, sweatshirt, sweater
  • Injection (immunization)  Shot
  • Jump drive                Flash drive
  • Kitchen store room: Pantry
  • Tap                            Faucet
  • Mineral Water          Bottle water
  • Sofa                          Couch
  • Forceps                   Tweezers
  • Rubber                     Eraser
  • Gum                         Glue
  • Bubble gum             Gum or Chewing gum
  • Pavement\Foot Path: Sidewalk
  • Tiffin box                  Lunch box
  • Teapoy                    Coffee table
  • Comb (Commonly used) Hair brush
  • Slippers                  Flipflops
  • Torch light               Flash light
  • Flame (on a Wood log)  Torch
  • Verandah                Front Porch
  • Scale                       Ruler
  • Cream                     Moisturizer
  • Vaseline                  Petroleum jelly
  • Blood group            Blood type
  • Stationery               Office\school supplies
  • Biscuits                   Cookies
  • Kishmis                   Raisins
  • Milkmaid                 Condensed milk
  • Corn flakes(common) Cereal
  • Barber Shop          Hair Salon\Hair cut
  • Bachelor's Degree: Undergraduation
  • Correction(on test paper)Checking\Grading
  • Exam pad                 Clipboard
  • TV serial                   TV show
  • School fee                Tuition
  • Tuition                       Kumon\After school learning center
  • Lift                             Elevator
  • Steps                        Stairs
  • Taxi                           Cab
  • Plastic cover            Plastic bag
  • Plastic box               Tupperware
  • Stitching                    Sowing
  • we-ta-mins                Vy-ta-mins (Pronunciation for Vitamins)
  • Ga-ray-ge                 Ga-raa-ge (Pronunciation for Garage)
  • Pamphlet                  Flyer
  • Ayurvedic medicine: Herbal medicine
  • Cross Roads            Intersection
  • Short sight                Near sightedness
  • Long sight                 Far sight
  • Highway                    Freeway
My friend Uma added
  • Coriander              Cilantro
    We are all united


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      I think it's the greatest blog that helps new immigrants to catch up the terminology.

    2. This is so awesome! Will you make me some dosa?

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    4. Great site! I told you before........you will make a difference to many lives.

    5. Here are some more

      rubber eraser
      police cop
      rush crowd

    6. Here is one more:

      10 divided by 5/10 by 5 10 over 5

    7. I just went through all the archives. Awesome job. Great stuff.

    8. You are awesome Pravi, your comments are going to make a difference to my blog and very useful for my audience.

    9. Creche: Day care
      Small finger: Pinky
      PenPencil: Mechanical pencil
      I will add more later

    10. little cool-girl4/7/11, 4:18 PM

      Karat in India and carat in USA.
      Postal code in India and Zip code in USA


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