Must do things in first week in USA

  1. Apply for driver's license
  2. Watch your diet -very important
  3. Find best friends- try at school, association, temple
  4. Find the best calling card
  5. Join school or community college
  6. Read my blog
Driving: First and foremost thing is trying to become independent especially finding the means of transport. To find new avenues you need to explore this new place you landed in. If car is the main mode of transtport then I suggest to apply for driver's license and start taking car driving classes. Begin as soon as you can because from my experience I learn't that knowing driving is worth not just million but BILLION dollars. Go to google search for finding local car driving classes.

Diet: Coming to a foriegn country- we have a long' to do' and 'to achieve' list and in this hustle and bustle most of us ignore diet. Eating something to fill our stomach is not enough when you have a long challenge in front of you. So make sure that your diet is healthy and complete. Remember, you used to eat  dal, roti, sabzi chaval and yogurt at home which has all the proteins, carbs, fiber, good cholestrol, omega-3 and all the nutrition in the world. But here - you are on your own so you are the caretaker who needs to take up that responsibility of feeding your body with all the nutrients. The main problem is we do not know exactly where to find those vaireties of vegetables and for inexpensive cost. I have a solution below.,,,

Friends: Find friends who can tell you about the local grocery stores and help you show around to fish for best deals. I encourage you to go to the temple or mosque in your city or town to find common friends. At temples, volunteer in preparations of festivals, holiday celebrations, canteen, and social meetings. This is the best way of making friends and increasing your social circle.

Join school: Another way to make friends is by joining a community college or school where you can learn something new as well as make friends. This will be very helpful if your motto is to  make your career in US. You learn a lot when you are surrounded by people who think like you.

Calling card: I remember in 2000 - I paid $1000 per month just for my phone bills because it was 13 cents\minute. Now there are a bunch of calling cards available that cost you only 1cent\minute to call to Asia. One such card is Airtelonline service. I tried some cheap calling cards available at grocery stores and was disappointed by their service. If any reader has any suggestions about a best calling card please post your comment. Shop around and you can find best deals.

I have a lot to share with you in my coming blogs that will help to make your transition smooth. Keep reading to take advantage of using the experiences of your seniors and making your life easy.


  1. Great info IAMNEWTOAMERICA. You did all this in one week!?! Amazing.

  2. IAMNEW2AMERICA1/17/11, 6:00 PM

    Yes, as I said to my kin here, philanthropist doesn't need to go out in public to do something, it can as well be done alone and from your own living room. I am passionate about helping people who come here with lot of dreams and need a little guide map. I hope God gives me strength and time to put together all the information that I have.

  3. Firstly, am proud of my sister for taking time and doing this blog which is going to help many people who are new to the this country......
    Secondly, i would like to congratulate you on starting this blog and am sure it is going to take off........

  4. IAMNEW2AMERICA1/18/11, 4:20 AM

    Thanks Sis.

  5. What about Skype?! If your friends and family at home have internet access and a webcam (I know this isn't always possible, but....) it is fast, free, and super fun to video chat! Just a thought...

  6. Cool, I will add it to the post, thanks Mimi.

  7. Nice webpage! Good luck with everything! - Tommy S

  8. Thanks Tommy. My blog is open to suggestions and feedback, please add something you think will help the new immigrants.

  9. This information is great!

    Calling a foreign country can eat a hole in the best budget. We found the use of the Magic jack very helpful. We purchased one with a local number for our relatives to use in their home, so now our calls are local calls.

  10. Thanks Louis, I will add this to my blog.

  11. According to my view point, help and serve to others is the best among other deeds. Philanthropists are respected everywhere because they are the stars and fountain source to serve humanity. Few people possess such qualities, you are one of them. Really this is a great job to help peoples especially newcomers. I will tell my friends about this blog importance.

    Abdul Rehman Khan

  12. Thanks Abdulji, I hope you found some of this information useful. Part of this is for people who would like to settle down in America or stay here for long time.

  13. My first week was spent in sitting at Pizza Hut and 'enjoying' the free refills of soda. The second week was spent getting amazed at the cheap price of cameras and laptops. ............. It's not until the 129th week that I took the written test for drivers license ........... the best thing I did in the 387th week is putting a link to your blog in mine.

  14. That was again an amazing set of words put together, possible only for Raja of words. Thanks Raja.


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