Basic american etiquettes for an immigrant

Etiquettes: Here are some do's and don'ts that will take you long way in your journey on this land of opportunities.
  • Maintain distance when standing in queue
  • Do not stare
  • No pointing finger even to just show some far away thing or store. It has a totally different meaning here. It is a big No No.
  •  'Would you please email"  sounds more pleasing than 'Please email me'
  • Greet: "Hi, How are you?" sounds better than 'Hello'
  • Answer properly if you were greeted:'Fine, thank you, how are you?' sounds better than 'Good.'
  • Wash hands after visiting restroom
  • Do not talk while chewing food
  • If someone sneezed- say 'Bless You'
  • Hold the door open and wait for the lady to walk through the mall entrance , considered good manners
  • Thank people who give you service: handyman, maid, electrician, plumber, customer support, ...
  • Fill out surveys: Customer appreciation is very important for customer support employees
  • Take it easy if you are avoided by people because you have flu
  • Do not burp out, keep it low
  • Sneeze in your elbow
  • Swearing is not encouraged
    Politeness and humility are great qualities that help us in career and growth. When you cross the oceans and land amongst foreigners who are so sweet and welcoming then you want to be friendly with them. Well, we need to know all do's and don'ts that will help our attempt to turn a stranger into a friend in America. Most of those listed may be familiar to you but they were added keeping in mind people from different  corners of the world. I have no intention to hurt or point anyone.
    I will keep adding further as and when readers keep suggesting more.

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    1. One more:
      1. Try to remember their name, even it is for that movement. people really appreicate that.

      Tip:While talking to a customer service agent, keep a pen and paper handy. Write there name down as soon as they introduce themselfs. Then repeat it couple of times - you will see the difference it makes.


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