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"Why Do I waste time watching TVeeeeee"

I used to say this to myself all the time and still watch TV uncontrollably because I did not know what else I could do. I had no transportation facility so that I could go out to spend time or visit any friends. Main reason was that I was new to America. The only way I knew to kill time was to watch TV. It became addiction after a while. Soon I realized  that, watching television or playing video games are not very helpful in self-improvement. Hence I searched for ways to rehabilitate myself which I would like to suggest to my readers. 
Here are some activities that could be done at home to keep us busy and active.
Believe you are special
Life is beautiful
 Emotional intelligence: Now-a-days interviewers of multinational companies are checking for EQ (Emotional Quotient) more than IQ (Intelligence quotient). Because a person with high EQ will sustain stress and the pressure of targets . He\she can be trained according to the company needs in few months even though they do not have much experience in the field. Attitude is very important in America. There are so many sources we can reach out  for improving EQ:our holy books, mythological stories, books, youtube, google,etc.,
My personal favorite is youtube:' videos from Brahma Kumaris'. Learn how to realize that happiness is not something you can find somewhere else but it is right within you.
Click here to watch Youtube Video: Emotional Intelligence

Refresh your subject: There are online lectures and videos available on Youtube and Google videos on various courses of studies like: computers, biology, how  to fix a broken faucet, etc., . My favorite one is MIT Opencourseware online lectures.
Click her to go to MIT online lectures

GRE \ GMAT preparation: Have plans to pursue further education, then start preparing for GRE\GMAT\TOEFL. It takes ~6 months to finish up the GRE wordlist if you are aiming for high score, so always start ahead. Need not buy books because you can borrow from a local library. If you have a ride then visit book stores like 'Barnes and Noble' or 'Borders', grab books and study in the store.
Lord Ganesha (Hindu God)
Games, Arts and Craft: For one who is interested in arts and already has some training,  it is a boon to have free time at last to practice what you know and learn even more.There are teaching videos on youtube and google on: photography, music, dance, painting, jewelry making, home improvement, skating, chess,....
My jewelry collection
Kids Jewelry
My husband has melodious singer's voice but doesn't have time to take classes to learn professional singing to improve his talent. I usually print out lyrics for him and he practices singing whenever he has time.

Health: When we are busy we tend to ignore our health and nutrition. Those of you have time now may soon become busy. Nutritious diet prepares you for the future challenges you have been waiting to face. Yoga makes you strong inside and outside. You can find yoga videos on internet and also from library.
Eat Healthy
Start a blog: If you are passionate, have good knowledge about a topic and are interested in sharing it with others then you can start your own blog. Go to or wordpress.
Books: Books are the best friends if you have time. There is so much you can dig from libraries, all you need is 'thirst for knowledge'. For example, there are online books for biologists.Link to Molecular Biology Free Online Book  
Create new: If not interested in books or videos, then get creative. You could do something unique.Think about what motivates you, what are you passionate about. Everybody has a talent, remember you are special.
My nature photography
Disclaimer: All the above are honest suggestions. Please use them at your own discretion. IAMNEW2AMERICA.COM is not responsible for any mishap or loss.

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