Tips to organize important documents

Organizing important documents will make it easy to find when you need them and especially when you are in rush. I feel like my life is under control when all my documents are in place. For that we need a skill, i.e oragnization skill. It is not easy to be organized especially when there are million things to do. Hence I have some tips here that will make the job easy.

A)Buy office supplies:
Where to buy ?
Office Depot, Staples, Walmart, Target, Sam's Club.
What to buy?
I prepared a short list of items that will come handy.
  1. Hanging file folders($15)
  2. Manilla file folders($9)
  3. Tabs ($4)
  4. Thin Sharpie pen($1.20)
  5. Lateral cabinet($40) 
All these items will cost you less than $100.
(Prices vary with number, state and time of the year).  

B)Categorize files: Make a list of categories based on your requirements and label the file folders with the categories names. You can use the subcategories names to label the Manilla file folders.
Here is a list of general categories and subcategories that I would suggest:
  1. Personal: Birth and education certificates
  2. Immigration: Visa, passport copies, green card, 
  3. Taxes: By year, receipts to save for write off
  4. Job search: Resumes, Curriculum Vitae and job application copies
  5. Manuals: Camera, handycam, vaccum cleaner, mixer grinder,etc.,
  6. Warranty documents
  7. Utilities: Save at least recent 6 months, sometimes very useful for job and school applications
  8. Credit card: Bills
  9. Car: Insurance bills, Loan documents, Service bills, Repair bills 
  10. Foreign Money Transaction: Receipts, proof of transfer
C)Sort and file away: Sort the documents, bills and applications based on the categories you decided and then put them in the respective folder. This is the painstaking task and needs lot of time and patience. With little bit of patience and interest - you can do it. Best of luck !!!!!!

D)Junk mails: Place a small size shredder near the entrance of the house  and shred the junk mail right at the door. This keeps the junk mail getting accumulated.


    1. Approximately $65, not bad, anyway it is one time investment right.

    2. Its little expensive but useful for longtime .

    3. You are right, but think about how much of stress reliever it is going to be in long run. I went through the hassle, trust me it is a savior. Thanks for your comment.

    4. One more tip:

      Scan all this documents and put it in your google docs, if you use gmail. If not just email it to your self, so that you can have all the documents handy.


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