Where to shop for milk, grocery, tissue?

"Spending money is very easy but saving takes little smartness". If you want to save money and also want the best product for the price you pay then you need to search for the deals. Here is some information I have for you that would help.

The stores in Orlando,FL, where you could find deals on grocery:
    * Farmer's Market
    * Oriental stores
    * Sam's Club
    * Walmart
    * Publix
    * Target

These stores are not listed in any order of preference because each one has something cheaper than the other.

Sam's club:
This is like a wholesale store where you can find items in bulk for the fair price. But you need to pay the membership fee for an year. There is another similar store named Costco. People have varying opinions about shopping in these stores.Some people do not like to bulk up the grocery because it takes room. I personally like to go there for: Paper towel, bath tissue, milk (see below), bread, oil, chips, bananas, basmati rice, salt, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, & vitamins.

Walmart: Though sam's and walmart are owned by the same company still they are different. Walmart has more number of items and are available in smaller packages unlike Sam's. I go to Walmart especially after new year and find very good deals on clothes. Do not expect very high quality for the price you are paying. I like Walmart because their return policy is awesome, no questions asked if you take the item back in a good condition and with the receipt.

Farmer's market: It might have different names in your neck of the woods: Fresh produce, Fresh Farm, Farm produce, Top produce, etc.. Local farmers sell their produce to these places and hence they are the cheapest compared to other name brand grocery stores.They have fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and other sea food. Try and see if you like it- but let me warn you - some of these stores are not squeaky clean like those expensive stores and malls.

Milk: My friend was surprised when I told her that a gallon of milk is sold for 30 Cents less at  pharmacy store than Walmart.

Meat: People prefer to buy meat in Publix and Target because it is maintained well at proper temperatures. If you are looking for halal meat then please look on internet for the local Pakistani grocery stores.

It is not always true that the store known to sell everything for less has deals on every item in the store. This is where the blog like this and local friends come to use. Ask your friends where do they shop and what price are they paying. You could find some stuff for cheaper price in Walmart than in Dollar store, yes its true.

 If you are on a fixed budget I bet you are looking for some information that will help you save money. Once you have a credit card in your hands then accruing debt takes no time. Save yourself from trouble by shopping smart.

I will touch more on this topic in my coming blogs.

I appreciate the readers who have been sharing their views and request them to keep adding, especially about the deals available in your areas.