Part I :How to Find Resume Gap Filler Opportunities

In one of my previous posts I shared some of the sources that you could use to utilize the time at home especially when you do not have any transportation facility. But if you have  transportation, willing to work, have a work permit, and looking for ideas to fill gaps in your resume then some of these ideas are for you:
  • Volunteer: :Search for volunteering opportunities within few miles radius like Redcross, church, temple, your kids school, old age homes,  and university. This may not look great on the resume but something that you can show with a proof. I personally think there is a lot that we get to learn from these volunteering opportunities. To volunteer at your daughter or son's school - you have to ask his\her teacher, usually there is an application that needed to be filled out with details. Once you submit that, they have it on their record and when they need help they will inform you based on your availability. Click here to find out Redcross volunteer opportunities
  • Internship: Universities and local companies have internship opportunities. Mostly they are not advertised because they give preference to enrolled graduate or undergraduate students. If you have network then it is easy to find these kind of unlisted opportunities. You may not get paid but you can definitely learn skills that will look attractive on resume. It  is mutually advantageous because  companies or universities get the service from you and you get to learn the skills and gain experience.
  • Part time job: This is same like internship but you will get little more money than interns.
  •  Search in nearby related companies for the available opportunities. Best way is o personally visit the HR department and inquire about part-time or on-call positions.
  • Baby Sitting: If interested in babysitting then you could post  a flyer (pamphlet) with your advertisement and contact information on the leasing office message board. Ask your apartment leasing office people for the procedure to put up the flyer. If  living in a community, you could approach Home Owner's Association for advertising and also to find out the regulations specific to the community.
Flyer can be designed using Microsoft Powerpoint very easily.  Use your creativity to make it attractive and don't forget to put easy to strip 'contact tabs' at the bottom.
Flyer Template
There is so much I can add about this topic, I don't think one post would be enough. If any reader has any specific question please post with your comments or email me at Part II of this post is coming soon.

Updated: How do you say this in America?

English is an international language but there are some words that have a different meaning in America. For example, if you go to a restaurant in India then you ask for a bill at the end but here in US use the word check.
Unity in Diversity
I collected a list of terms that are used differently . Are there any words that you found different, please add to the list..
  • INDIA                        |    *USA                                   |
  •  Advertisement          Commercial
  • Space                         Room
  • Maroon                       Burgundy
  • Flat                             Apartment
  • Apartments              Complex 
  • Bill    (In restaurant)         Check 
  • Headbath                  Hair wash
  • Coke \pepsi             Soda
  • Football                    Soccer
  • Holiday                    Vacation\ day off
  • Festival                    Holiday
  • Mela                         Festival
  • Colour                      Color
  • Current                    Power
  • Oh common            Shut up (is offensive in India)
  • Cockroaches          Roaches
  • Mosquito                 Moskeeto (pronunciation only)
  • Curd                        Yogurt
  • Sweet                      Dessert
List  Continued......................
Indian sweet: Son Papdi
  • INDIA           |            USA                   |
  •  Dosa                       Pan cakes
  • Roti\Chapathi          Tortillo
  • Fair complexion      Light skin color
  • Capsicum                Green Pepper
  • Compulsory             Mandatory 
  • Beetroot                   Beets
  • Photo                        Picture
  • Bathroom                 Restroom
  • Class   (School)           Grade
  • Shop                        Store
  • Blanket                    Comforter
  • Fullstop  (Punctuation)  Period
  • Maths                       Math
  • English (Subject in School)Reading
  • Confirm   (mostly used)   Make Sure
  • Letter  (Common)           Mail
  • Surname                   Last name
  • Given name              First name
  • Curtains                    Drapes
  • Hall                            Living Room
  • Bath                          Shower 
  • Grinder    (Common)     Blender
  • Gravy                        Sauce
  • Underground           Basement (In buildings)
  • Ground Floor           First Floor (In buildings)  
  • First floor                 Second floor ((In buildings)
  • Repair                      Fix
  • Cesarian                 C-section
  • Cycle                       Bike
  • Petrol   (Fuel)         Gas
  • Punished                Grounded
  • Fine     (Cop gives)      Ticket
  • Vomitings              Throwing up
  • Strike                     Protest   
  • Chain with Small Pendant    Necklace  
  • Sweater (common)    Jacket, hoodie, sweatshirt, sweater
  • Injection (immunization)  Shot
  • Jump drive                Flash drive
  • Kitchen store room: Pantry
  • Tap                            Faucet
  • Mineral Water          Bottle water
  • Sofa                          Couch
  • Forceps                   Tweezers
  • Rubber                     Eraser
  • Gum                         Glue
  • Bubble gum             Gum or Chewing gum
  • Pavement\Foot Path: Sidewalk
  • Tiffin box                  Lunch box
  • Teapoy                    Coffee table
  • Comb (Commonly used) Hair brush
  • Slippers                  Flipflops
  • Torch light               Flash light
  • Flame (on a Wood log)  Torch
  • Verandah                Front Porch
  • Scale                       Ruler
  • Cream                     Moisturizer
  • Vaseline                  Petroleum jelly
  • Blood group            Blood type
  • Stationery               Office\school supplies
  • Biscuits                   Cookies
  • Kishmis                   Raisins
  • Milkmaid                 Condensed milk
  • Corn flakes(common) Cereal
  • Barber Shop          Hair Salon\Hair cut
  • Bachelor's Degree: Undergraduation
  • Correction(on test paper)Checking\Grading
  • Exam pad                 Clipboard
  • TV serial                   TV show
  • School fee                Tuition
  • Tuition                       Kumon\After school learning center
  • Lift                             Elevator
  • Steps                        Stairs
  • Taxi                           Cab
  • Plastic cover            Plastic bag
  • Plastic box               Tupperware
  • Stitching                    Sowing
  • we-ta-mins                Vy-ta-mins (Pronunciation for Vitamins)
  • Ga-ray-ge                 Ga-raa-ge (Pronunciation for Garage)
  • Pamphlet                  Flyer
  • Ayurvedic medicine: Herbal medicine
  • Cross Roads            Intersection
  • Short sight                Near sightedness
  • Long sight                 Far sight
  • Highway                    Freeway
My friend Uma added
  • Coriander              Cilantro
    We are all united