Some unique ideas for part time jobs

(A guest article by Rajitha)
  1. Catering
  2. Child care in summer holidays
  3. Pick up & drop off
How to Start a Home-Based Catering Business, 5th (Home-Based Business Series)Catering or supply of regular food:  Some of us eat to live, and some eat for pleasure because we enjoy food. Being a homemaker, I made myself zero to hero in cooking because I wanted to set an example to my daughter. That is my long story short that also gave me an idea, wondering what idea? Now I'll come to the point, while making yourself and people around you happy with your culinary skills, you can earn some money. I have seen that  some working couples and bachelors don’t find time for cooking but they like to eat tasty food. So, here you go,You can cater to them and earn money.

The Night Before Summer Camp (Reading Railroad)Child care in summer holidays:  Well, with the ongoing recession, there are many families who want to cut costs. Among them is the summer camp which is very expensive. So you could take care of couple of kids at your home with your own kids.

Pick up & Drop off:  There are many people who need pickup and drop off  service like non-drivers, no car, or due to ill-health. Some instances:
Housewives who do not maintain a second car,
People not in a situation to drive, like senior citizens,
People who need ride to doctor's office, airport, or grocery
People whose driver license might have been revoked or cancelled.
If you have a car and you can drive then giving a ride to those people can turn out to be the most smart choice to earn some extra income.


  1. Thanks Rajji for sharing your ideas on my blog. I bet in these days of inflation these ideas are going to be very helpful for some of us.

  2. Wow, very nice article. Also, please add to this as you come across. If some people want to work just to kill time and improve social networking, they can look for volunteer jobs in local libraries and care giving places. Also, you can look for home tuitions too in Math. Yes, you heard it right, home tuitions are one of the highly paid part time jobs depending upon the State you are in.

    One of the my friends in Seattle is a home maker and really looking for ideas. I will share this article with her.


  3. I like the Pick up & Drop off idea. Also Catering food (especially if it tastes like home cooked) will drive good business. It helps working moms and bachelors save their time. we tried to buy catered food once but there's was too much oil so stopped it. But yes thats a good idea and there are many people like me looking for those services.

  4. Thanks girls...



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