Will and Trust

Suze Orman Will & Trust Kit
Differences between 'will' and 'trust'
  1. A will is a legal document that enlists all your wishes. 
  2. For those wishes to be practically implemented the heirs have to go through probate(legal process). 
  3. A will is less expensive than trust.
  4. A will can become a public record.
  1. A trust is also a lengthier legal document prepared by an individual or a group.
  2. An heir need not go through probate(legal process).
  3. A trust is more expensive.
  4. A trust is private and cannot become public record.
Read in detail about the differences between a will and a trust.

Helpful links for preparing a Will:
  1. Suze Orman's Protection portfolio kit $59.16 + shipping: This is my favorite choice  because when I called the customer support he gave me some awesome information: Using one kit 25 new accounts can be created. It means one person can buy it and let many of his\her friends use it. The account holder can change 'the will' and 'the trust' numerous times, without any further cost and right from the  home.
  2. Online Wills and Trust: From 'legalzoom.com' you can order on-line will in 3 easy steps and receive  your will in 2 days. For will only: Basic service costs $69 + $2 shipping. For Trust: Cost $269 + $14 shipping
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  1. This could save many families heart aches fighting for the their legal rights in the courts. Thanks for sharing this great information that will help minimise the pain of loosing a loved one. You are an angel!



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