Charity pick up service by Red Cross/ Tax write off

 Donate stuff by a simple call

Give away the things you do not use any more and help others

Donate and write off in your IRS taxes

Charity Clothing Pick Up is a third party organization that will come and pick up your donated stuff right from  your doorstep. Yes, you can ask them for a receipt which you fill up with money that is worth your donation. This receipt can be included in your tax write off.

Once I donated 2 beds, 2 mattresses, furniture and toys. I called the "CharityPickUp" service and scheduled the pick up. They came with two people and a big van to take all the huge stuff. I did not have to do anything other than making a simple call. It was that easy. You can also use this service and make some room for a new piece of furniture. This will benefit the needy and also gives you so much satisfaction at the end of the day.

 They are located in  Tenesse, Missouri/ Illinois, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, North Carolina, and California. Drop boxes are available in these areas for you to go and simply drop off a bag of clothes, toys, etc.,

The money that this organization gets from you donated stuff will be given to your local Red Cross.
 I believe in charity and so I trust this service. You could avail this service and if any questions visit their website

Last week I donated this car seat and some toys. All I did was pack toys in the bag and place the car seat and toys outside my front door with a note that said " For Charity" and also add a sentence that I need a receipt. They leave us a receipt on the door which is usually yellow in color. We have to fill up this receipt with the date of donation, things donated and their worth. Save the receipt and produce it while claiming your taxes. If you have any information like about your city please share with us, Thanks.


  1. Thanks Nalini. I throw so much stuff near garbage. I had little known about this. Good, Useful and Helpful post.

  2. Wow such wonderful information that I was tot ally unaware of, you are amazing Mr.Blogger.

  3. If there are other organizations that you know please let us know.


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