Is your community safe for your kids and family?

Are you sure if you can let your kids walk alone to school bus and there is no danger lurking around?
Are you confident that the community you are living in is safe?
Better safe than sorry. So, check yourself if there is any offender in your area. There are publicly accessible lists provided by either Department of Law Enforcement or Department of Corrections by each state.
I provided the links below for many states. Many states provide this information for free, no cost at all. You need to pay to access the offenders lists in Arizona ($25) and Arkansas ($0.10 per record).

Links for each state:
For most of these you need to accept to their terms or agreement, to access the list.
Massachussets: You may request sex offender information at Local Police Departments or through the Sex Offender Registry Board directly. Level 3 offenders are posted on this web site under our Community Search.
North Dakota:
Oregon: You need to enter your details before you can get any information about sex offenders.
Wisconsin: Search link is in the left menu on this page
Need to pay for the list:

National Sex offender registry:
All states offender registries list:


  1. I am in America for 2 decades and I had no clue about this website. Thanks.

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