Some ideas for gifts

Sometimes we are so confused when we have to buy a gift for a little girl or boy or girlfriend.

I wanted to throw in some ideas that impressed me, my husband and my daughter, so that if you are in total confusion then you have this list to chose from. Check it out.....
For young girls: Toys, jewelry, make-up kit, teady bears, activity kits (to sow a bear, make jewelry at home, painting pots, making art and decorating them) and trinkets.
Books and puzzels would be their least favorite, this is out of my experience, trust me.
 For Boys: Legos, games, sports related gifts like baseball set, badminton, or a globe.
 For ladies: Flowers and jewelry would be the best choices but it always depends on the individual. Romantic or beautiful art.
Purses, perfumes, make-up, cute and delicate jewelry,  brand name watches and purses, dresses which would make them look beautiful (something body hugging and made of Chiffon).
For men: Brand name T-shirts, watches, cologne, sports sets, cufflings, tie, books, pens, an alarm clock which is easy to operate; new electronic items like Ipad, Iphone or electric shaver, grooming kit
 General:  If you are totally confused and if nothing seems right then pick the best store in the mall and buy a gift card. But, this should be the last resort if you are trying to impress someone and keep a long-lasting relation with them.

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