Novice can turn dejection into success

Newbie can turn dejection into success

(This article is intended to help newbies but not to downgrade seniors.  Most of the employees welcome a new hire and treat them equal but if the situation is different then, my article is to help them see the situation with clarity. Please convey your opinion through comments. Thanks)
  Every new employee walks into an organization with lot of dreams to achieve great heights of success. A novice may feel dejection from some seniors or people who are established in the firm. Juniors need not lose faith in their ability or sulk upon rejection. It is important to move forward with confidence in such situations.
Then how to rise in the field that is new and is filled with opponents who are not willing to accept new ideas or participation?  
In order to assess the situation, the new employee should step into the shoe of a senior to understand the reason for their in-acceptance.
Tips to turn senior’s dejection into acceptance and achieve success in the new field 
Seniors suppress new guys because they fear losing their power. Then how a new guy can shine in a new field? 
1. First, understand and recognize that seniors are a treasure for the company because of their experience and contribution. You have a lot to learn from their experience and you respect them. Convey to the seniors that you respect them. Initiate a casual conversation and somewhere in the middle of the conversation say, ‘I respect you immensely for the experience you carry and the success you have achieved in this competitive field’. This will ease up the situation.
2. This paves way for you to show your talent. When you get a chance, express ‘what you learned about the organization and show your interest to grow in the field’. Start putting forward your ideas. But, remember to do it very gently so that they will not see this as a threat to their position. 
 3. Present your idea with lot of research that supports it. Show them how your idea is going to work. Always show numbers, for example: how much profit, in how many days- this idea will bring to your organization. This shows that you are seriously interested in helping to bring success to this business. Your interest is in the company success but not in overpowering anybody.
4. Also, show how your idea is unique and how it is going to work for sure.
Psychology based understanding of the situation:
What happens when a new employee joins the organization that is full of experienced professionals? 

 1. Some seniors see this new candidate as a CHANGE and may not welcome his/her ideas.  

 2. Junior feels dejection, loses hope in achieving success in the new field.

Whenever there is a CHANGE, people fear. Fear is not about ‘the results this CHANGE might bring’ but people fear that they might lose ‘what they have, such as: respect, position, their demand, power, money, etc.’
In short, seniors fear losing respect or authority due to the entry of a new recruit. This leads seniors to show dejection and disrespect. Here, the reality is that seniors are in fear of losing their respect so they start to suppress the junior even before the candidate starts to open up. This suppression may impact the novice negatively as there is no encouragement or co-operation. This leads to hurt, losing faith in our own talent, and eventually loss of interest in progress or success in the new field. But, if the new employee can boost her/his self-esteem then it is possible to face the situation in a right way.
What to do to clear the misunderstanding and to achieve success in the new field?
Three step solution:
First, convince people that your goal is to work WITH them and you respect them. This removes their fear but it is only half the battle. Still there is lot to do, to make your dream come true.
Second, communicate clearly that you are interested and capable of taking up new challenges and projects. Remember- they do not know your skills or potential. You know them but they do not know you, right? So, you have to briefly give them few examples about your previous work experience. Express, you are willing to take up challenges. Though they are going to be time consuming and may need lot of effort. Tell them you are prepared and ready for such ventures.
Highlight your skills such as: you are a meticulous worker though you are new to the field, people skills, convincing power, ready to invest time, hardworking, interest to learn new methods in the field, etc.
Third, stop fearing consequences. Proceed with confidence. Think positive. Create positive thoughts without any doubt in your mind. For ex: “I am going to be successful in this field”.  Our thoughts have power. OUR POSITIVE THOUGHTS CREATE BRIGHT DESTINY FOR US


  1. Thank you Sai, Paul and Jo for reading and conveying your comments that helped me improve this article.

  2. First of all, very nice article Nalini.

    What has helped me in the past when I joined new organizations is keeping an open mind, being friendly and being respectful to the existing employees' seniority.

    There is also no substitute for having sufficient knowledge, so in times of crisis, applying the technical knowledge focused on solving problem at hand rather than 'showing off' the knowledge helped a lot towards gaining other's respect.

    1. Thanks Poornima, very well said.
      Seniors at an organization are helping hands in times of need, no denying. But, not everybody is lucky to have a path laid out full of roses and my article is for such individuals.
      I like the way you said that new employees should do their part with all sincerity and 100% efficiency. In fact this is going to be my next article's core concept. "How newbies should retain their self-esteem and proceed towards progress".


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