Success and Sense of humor

America is the land of opportunities for people from various cultures.Universal key to success is our personality or attitude. A person with a great aptitude and charming personality is quite impressive. But, the easy way to attract people is our sense of humor.
1. Good sense of humor is when we joke on our self. This is used by professionals and all highly
accomplished celebrities. The surroundings we grew up in, have a great influence. People laugh for different things based on their culture. Therefore, we need to be little careful when we are interacting or communicating with different people. Its good to joke on ourselves because others are not a target of our joke and people can laugh without being hurt.

Ex: I am a vegetarian and I teach undergrad Biology courses.
When my students ask me, if they can get partial credit for 'not so correct answer' they wrote in the test. Guess what I answer. I say "I am a vegetarian. I do not munch on your points.
Don't worry.You will get the partial credit". All my students seem to have enjoyed this joke.
Ex: I always joke on, how I forget to see the pointer which is right in my hands.

Ex: Most of my jokes are on my Indian accent, such as, I pronounce words 'year' and 'ear' both as EAR, out of habit that doesn't go easily. Therefore, they have to pay attention in my class.
2. Bad sense of humor is
quite risky because nobody likes being ridiculed. So, beware.
.when we joke on others,

.respond with a joke when others joke on themselves,
joking about others culture.
3. Worst sense of humor is when people talk ill about others and make fun of them. No one enjoys this kind of joke except the one who cracked the joke. This is sadism or torture.


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