Best, natural, and instant home remedy for acid reflux

Dilute yogurt with water and add a pinch of salt.
Drink it up for instant relief from acid reflux.

Ingredients and tools:
  1. Fresh homemade yogurt (1 teaspoon),
  2. A pinch of salt,
  3. A glass
  4. A fork

Two steps for diluting yogurt are:
Step 1: Stir yogurt (1 tspn) with a fork,
into a smooth paste for 1 minute.

Step 2: Add a glass of water and mix well.
              Diluted yogurt is ready to drink. 

Diluted fresh homemade yogurt with a pinch of salt is the best instant remedy for acid reflux, ulcers, or acidity because:
  1. Homemade yogurt contains friendly bacteria.
    is free of vinegar and preservatives.
    o, it pacifies the irritated digestive tract's surface layer.
  2. The salt neutralizes the acid in the hyperactive stomach.
Wondering how to make yogurt  at home?
Use this link for easy steps:

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