Life in America and so many things to remember

Do you ever wonder in the middle of your work whether your passport, visa, green-card, car tag & drivers license might be close to due date?
We have so many things to do and so many deadlines to meet. On top of this, we being immigrants, have to stay in status. We require various permits-to live in US, to work, and to travel. Too many to remember. Sometimes this remembering job is stressful? Here are some simple ideas:

 1. Better set reminders for all these important permits and documents. Use your yahoo or g mail calendar to set reminders for yourself. Here are the links to videos to learn to set reminders.
How to set reminder in yahoo mail
How to set reminder in g mail
Time runs out, it will not stop or come back for you 
iPhone\ iPad Siri will do whatever you ask

2. If you have an iPhone then ask Siri to remind when they are due.
iPhone\ iPad Siri will do whatever you ask

3. Take a picture of only the expiry date part of your passport using phone or camera. It is faster but not prompting enough to wake you up on time.